Don’t just find passion also build skills at work
Don't just look for passion

Don’t just find passion also build skills at work

No other word in English language would’ve have plagued and haunted us as severely as the word ‘Passion’ does. Apparently, the phrase ‘Find your passion’ is an epidemic affecting everyone, irrespective of age, profession or career.

I am sure we all share a bitterly fond connection with the word ‘Passion’.

Each one of us has secret stash of articles, motivational videos, inspiring quotes, etc.To which we keep referring and going back to – when we have a bad day at work or when we feel lost at work or when we run out of passion.

Repeatedly feeding and consuming ourselves from words like –

“Find your passion”,

“Follow your passion”,

“Go after your calling”,

“Find your grit”, (and the list goes on); might feel good temporary and set us off on an endless quest to find our real ‘Passion’.

But does it always take” Passion” alone to be successful at work and life, in general? What if you don’t have any real passion but you enjoy doing what you do?

And most of all, what if you never find your passion?

Decades ago, when “follow or find your passion” phrase wasn’t coined; were people less successful and ambitious back then?

Didn’t we have plenty of stories about hard work and perseverance to look up to find motivation and get us going.

‘Find your passion’ sounds more like a millennial’s thing or fad. And it’s ok if you don’t turn out to be a secret artist, singer, etc. while maintain your regular job.

“Find your passion” is a bit overrated and vague thing.

Let’s say your passion is to become a public speaker.

But instead of focusing on the skills and tools you would need to become one, you wait and aimlessly look for inspiration and chances to find you.

You wait for your passion to chase you while you put no efforts in enhancing your skills.

Finding passion is much easier

  • When you are better prepared and equipped with the skills needed to translate your passion into something real.
  • Working on skills have advantage over everything. Even if you don’t find your passion in particular: relevant skills pursued with hard work perseverance will end up creating interests/ passion that weren’t even there.

How to find your passion at work?

  • Work on your skills and don’t fancy passion – Learn from every task or project and figure out what you are good at.
  • Have an open mind – And explore diverse things to add new opportunities into your work life.
  • Coming to work doesn’t excite you everyday – It’s ok not to feel excited and motivated every day at work but what is important is – To stay focused and not lose the sight of your short goals; paving the way to your long-term goals.
  • Feeling uninspired – Don’t bother about finding inspiration at work, some find it instantly others end up worrying about it.
  • Passion doesn’t strike overnight – Passion or inspiration can’t be struck overnight, it is realized through relentlessly working and developing variety of skills and interests.

So, hang in there you will find your “Eureka” moment at work while working your way through developing and enhancing right set of skills.

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