Harness the Power of Advanced VBA Excel
Advanced Excel Training

Harness the Power of Advanced VBA Excel

Visual Basic for Application (VBA) combined with MACRO and Microsoft Excel, is the most powerful tool available to employees. VBA is a  powerful language, but due to the lack of Excel skills, users end up limiting their career potential by not completely unleashing the power of excel.

Most users remain unaware of the true potential of excel VBA; therefore, don’t tap into the endless possibilities and feature it has to offer to scale their business and career.

It can’t be stressed enough that Excel VBA can save companies and users a great deal of time and money by automating repetitive and monotonous tasks.

VBA lets users accelerate every-day tasks and accomplish more by adding more functionality to user interfaces that are specific to business needs.

Excel VBA hands you the copious features to customize beyond what is customary available in Microsoft office solutions, such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Incorporating VBA with Excel and Macros allows users to build and customize reports, charts, and other data processing functions.

This program aims to upskill and guide professional users to integrate Excel VBA Macros to carry out analysis and reporting with proficiency.

It will help you to integrate VBA; to leverage more and to extend VBA’s skills beyond basic standard excel tools.

Learn excel skills and techniques to create a spreadsheet and calculate a large amount of data. Present the data report with Advanced Excel program in a non-complex, professional, and visually appealing manner.

VBA is also an excellent tool for creative problem-solving

With coding, scripting, and macros, learners will be equipped with the power to communicate effectively with the database.

They will be tapped into the programming, automation, and customization capabilities with Advanced Excel program to solve any complex business problem.

Topics that will be covered through this program –
Quick Check -Tab Sheet
Excel Files – Smallest to Largest
Customize Quick Access Tool Bar
Recent Workbook and Places
Data Function
Conditional Formatting
Custom Lists
Data Validation
Pivot Table
Protect Sheethttp://Array

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