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Secrets of Hiring Managers

10 Things Hiring Managers Secretly Wish Job Seekers Knew

Ever wondered if you knew what a hiring manager wishes for in a job seeker? What skills is he/she exactly looking for? or What answers tick them off? It could have saved you from making a lot of goof –ups, which you are bound to commit otherwise. It would have also helped you to clear the interview without any hassles. Isn’t cracking an interview would have been so much easier if one could read the hiring manager’s mind. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what hiring managers think? We are about to spill a few secrets to save you from the embarrassment of making stupid mistakes, which can kill your chances of getting selected. Here are some tiny secrets of hiring managers so that next time you go for an interview, you don’t return empty-handed.
  1. Reaching too early for the interviewReaching on time or 5-10 minutes early really counts; it shows that you care and value others time. But arriving way too early for the interview can annoy the interviewer. The person may feel obligated to interrupt whatever necessary he/she is doing to attend you. So it’s good to walk in five minutes early, but no more than that.
  2. Be heedful while crafting your resume objective –Believe me when I say that your resume gets tossed the moment it spells the objective which is totally unrelated to the open job position. Either you get rid of the objective altogether as it rarely helps, or tailor it according to the need of the job position you have applied for.
  3. They know you before you walk through the door –Even before meeting you in-person, they (hiring managers) solicit information about you from social networking sites. Here is a small tip – Have a look at your older posts. If you see something offensive or distasteful, please delete it; as you don’t want to sabotage your chances. Your hiring manager is bound to form an opinion based on your posts and images
  4. They really want you to ask questions – Why? Because not asking questions signals that either you are not that interested or just haven’t thought about this job very much. Candidates with no question, are a big put off for hiring managers as they want to see your interest in a job role. Try to ask smart questions.
  5. Don’t give generic answers to questions –Answers like ‘I am a team player’ or  ‘I am a perfectionist,’ kind of sounds memorized. Giving generic answers won’t help you much. What they really want to know is the real. Generic answers won’t help interviewer to make an informed decision since he really doesn’t know you. What you can do about it?Tip– Try to relax and respond to the questions in your words. Instead of saying you are a team player, explain them a scenario where you demonstrated your team player skills to help and support your team.
  6. Don’t exaggerate your achievements, particularly, if you are a fresher – Freshers often try to blow their school or college achievements, out of desperation to get selected. They think this might increase their chances of getting selected. But what they fail to realize is that the interviewer is more experienced in this business. And it is easy for him to catch you when you are bloating things up.
  7. Spilling your real weaknessThe interviewer will not be impressed if you say things like your biggest weakness is that you can’t stand imperfection or you are a perfectionist. It sounds disingenuous. So it is crucial to confront your real weakness because this will help you and the interviewer to decide whether you are a good fit for the job or not.
  8. Too much speaking can kill your chancesBeing too long-winded can work negatively in your favor. It seriously raises doubts about your ability to organize your thoughts and communicate only the relevant and important information quickly to the person.
  9. And yes, they do expect freshers to have some work experienceIt is important for freshers to take up internships or have some relevant work experience before applying for a full-time job.
  10. They don’t always look or hire the most qualified candidatesFreshers can loosen up after hearing this. It is true that many times, even after possessing a wealth of experience and having a flawless resume, a candidate is not able to get through the interview. Why? Simply because they lack passion and enthusiasm. The interviewer sometimes really prefers someone who displays great interest in a job position over someone who’s more qualified.
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