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Mobile Learning Building Millennial Skills

Corporate training landscape is undergoing a digital transformation. Due to the rapid digitization of training content and methodologies, corporates are witnessing a noticeable shift towards mobile learning. The ever-increasing market penetration of mobile devices and users in India has increased an insatiable hunger for online content consumption. It has fueled the need for corporates to leverage mobile learning solutions. Corporates are rethinking and transforming their learning solutions to cater to their millennial employees effectively. Mobile Learning makes corporate training accessible to everyone due to its portability, low price investment, and adaptable technology, regardless of time and location. Today employees have become highly dependent on their mobile devices for finding instant access to the learning solutions. Mobile learning empowers learners by providing learner-centric solution and placing knowledge in the hands of learners. Mobile Learning is a powerful medium for companies to reach learners and employees in remote locations. Training content chunked down in bite-size module, doubles the quotient of engagement and knowledge retention in learners. Also, learners can optimize their time and integrate a much more flexible schedule into their workday. The ‘Social’ aspect of MLearning (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) provides an edge to companies to better connect with learners by generating online conversations, discussions about training, prolonging the learning experience and engagement. Companies can leverage a range of Mlearning solutions such as Mobile games, videos, M-books, Micro courses, etc. They can deliver targeted content basis learner requirement most engagingly.      

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